Baby Boomers at Higher Risk for Tooth Root Decay

Getting to the Root of the Problem The development of root decay is providing a new challenge for dentists. Root decay is more difficult to treat than normal cavities — especially if the dental cavity travels under the gum line. Traditionally, dentists treat root decay the same way they treat regular dental cavities. While the […]


Gum Disease Treatment

All is not lost if you have gum disease. The infection can be tricky, usually starting out with little to no pain or irritation. You might not even know you have the milder form of the disease, called gingivitis. Without gum treatment, it can develop into the more severe form, periodontitis. Fortunately, treatment for gum […]


8 Dental Care Tips for Moms (and Moms-To-Be)

Moms deserve to be celebrated every day, so if you are a mom, it’s time to give yourself a gift that lasts a lifetime – the gift of dental health. We understand that busy moms don’t always believe they have the time to take great care of their teeth. But it shouldn’t be that way. […]


Warning Signs of Bruxism Teeth Grinding

We all get stressed out once in a while. And when we do, our mental stress can actually create physical symptoms. For example, when some people feel anxious and tense, they grind or clench their teeth. It can happen during the day or at night — and you might not even know it. But either […]


How to Floss

You probably know that brushing alone won’t take care of your oral hygiene — you hear it all the time from commercials, your dentist, probably even from your mother. You probably know they’re all right, too. With regular dental cleanings, your dentist can help prevent the crevices between your teeth from becoming a playground for […]


Vitamin D Deficiency Linked to Early Childhood Tooth Decay

Making the Connection Just as calcium and vitamin D are needed for healthy bones, they are also necessary for your baby’s oral health. Teeth start to form in utero, so dental problems can start before they even erupt. It’s long been known that calcium helps strengthen a fetus’ teeth during the development process, but now […]


Top 10 Foods to Eat After Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Most people get at least one wisdom tooth removed at some point in their lives. This common procedure often comes with a list of things you shouldn’t eat or do, but little information on what you can eat while your mouth heals. You shouldn’t have to stick to a soft food diet for long, as […]


What Causes Tooth Loss?

Tooth loss has many potential causes, including congenital absence and trauma. More commonly, however, dental disease is the cause or exacerbates other issues. Tooth loss is not that uncommon, and there are several forms of replacement. Congenital causes It isn’t uncommon for a tooth or teeth to be absent from birth. Most commonly, the baby […]


5 Reasons You Keep Getting Cavities

Sometimes you follow everything your dentist told you to do and you still have common problems with cavities. Tooth pain is particularly difficult to manage, and regular trips to the dentist for more than checkups are costly and time-consuming. You think you’re doing everything right, but there could be things you’re missing. Sugars, carbs, and […]


How To Avoid Dental Anxiety

How do you feel when you think about an approaching dentist visit? Is it no big deal to you or do you get nervous? Does this anxiety begin shortly before the appointment, or does it start weeks ahead of time? Are you terrified of having to endure a dental procedure? Are you fearful of anesthesia, […]